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Princess Ball Gown

Step into a world of enchantment with MumRed's Princess Ball Gown – a one-of-a-kind creation meticulously crafted to make you feel like royalty. This bespoke gown features a stunning combination of a layered tulle skirt and a handwoven kangaroo grass bodice, ensuring a truly magical and personalized experience.


As seen on the runway at Melbourne Fashion Week, this high-end artisan design showcases the epitome of elegance and cultural richness.


Indulge in the luxury of a MumRed Princess Ball Gown – where craftsmanship, culture, and couture unite to create a dress that transcends time and trends. Make a statement. Wear your story.


  • Layered Tulle Skirt: The voluminous layered tulle skirt adds a touch of fairy-tale glamour, creating a mesmerizing silhouette that dances with every step. Whether you're attending a formal event or your dream celebration, this gown guarantees a show-stopping entrance.

  • Handwoven Kangaroo Grass Bodice: The bodice of the gown is a true work of art, intricately handwoven with kangaroo grass. This traditional weaving technique not only adds a unique texture but also connects you to the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous craftsmanship.

  • Custom Creation: MumRed believes in the beauty of individuality. Each Princess Ball Gown is a custom creation, tailored to your measurements and preferences. Choose colors, patterns, and beadwork that resonate with your style, making this gown a reflection of your personality.

  • 70 Hours of Artistry: Our skilled artisans invest approximately 70 hours in the creation of each gown. From the dyeing process and meticulous sewing to the delicate beadwork and intricate weaving, every step is a labor of love and dedication to perfection.

Why MumRed:

  • Cultural Connection: MumRed seamlessly blends cultural traditions with contemporary elegance, offering a gown that not only looks stunning but also carries a profound cultural story.

  • Empowering Artisans: Your purchase supports Aboriginal artists and helps to ensure that sustaining the practice of ancient weaving techniques continues.

  • Personalized Experience: MumRed aims to create a gown that not only fulfills your vision but surpasses your expectations.   

GrassRoots Custom Princess Gown

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