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Galangoor dhjali! Bulki naadju wurrubulki ngalin gira!

'come sit, as brothers and sisters. Be welcome by my fire'


As a brand firmly rooted in community, MumRed weaves its story into the ever growing grassroots fashion revolution, that gives voice to those that have been historically marginalized. 


Every creation is a canvas, a powerful statement and a reclamation of self, ensuring that the essence of our culture and identity thrives on the runway and in everyday life.



MumRed's history is a remarkable journey that reflects the vibrant spirit and indomitable passion of Samala Thakialee Cronin, a Woppaburra woman who's grandmothers country is the Keppel Islands, east of Yeppoon. 


Raised in a kaleidoscope of culture and colours, Samala's early life was a glimpse of the remarkable journey that was to come - from the colourful rainbow streets of Nimbin to the the abundance of saltwater life on Mornington Island, Samala was immersed in a world of song, dance, and boundless creativity and colour.  Samala's childhood was unique.

Her family recognised this and at 19 she was nominated and appointed by her community to represent them formally as an Applicant on the Woppaburra people's Federal Native Title Claim.

Samala dedicated 13 years to this endeavour, which culminated in a successful exclusive consent determination by the Federal Court of Australia in 2021.

On the 3. 12. 2021, after nearly 120 years of removal, Woppaburra People won their land back.




As a "Mum" to many, although she birthed none, MumRed's influence extends far beyond motherhood. 


With a worldly perspective gained from traveling to over 30 countries and a lifelong involvement in grassroots activism, Samala has been a passionate advocate since her early years. 


Additionally, she is a master weaver, beader and reknowned multidisciplinary artist, skillfully crafting her creations from the love and knowledge passed down through the generations by her Grandmothers. 


MumRed embodies a fusion of heritage, artistry, activism with a commitment to preserving culture and identity, making it a symbol of empowerment and inspiration.


This is the extraordinary story of MumRed.

A GrassRoots Fashion Revolution

Fractured Country - Fractured Song-lines 


Handmade Cultural Couture Jewellery Collection by MumRed

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